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The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a global youth development program, empowering young people aged 14-24 to explore their full potential.

Completing the Award can benefit young people in many ways from meeting new people and learning new skills to formal recognition of extracurricular, sporting and volunteer activities and enhancing their CVs.

There are four main sections to the Duke of Ed and three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold). These are:

  • Physical Recreation - Improving physical fitness and wellbeing, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Skills - Unleashing talents and broadening personal interests and skills
  • Voluntary Service - Connecting with the community by giving meaningful service to others
  • Adventurous Journey - Purposeful adventuring and team building in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Gold Residential Project - A purposeful experience with new people outside their usual place of residence.

Voluntary service is an important part of the Duke of Ed. Search our portal for available volunteer opportunities.

Find out more about the Duke of Ed in NSW.

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Last updated: 06 May 2022