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D-Caf – The Dementia Cafe (Bathurst Neighbourhood Centre)

D-Caf is a creative volunteer involving initiative that supports people with Dementia, their carers and family and friends.

The idea grew from a conversation between a local retired nurse and Rotarian. In collaboration with the Neighbourhood Centre in Bathurst a 6 week trial program was established. From there it took off. That was in 2019.

Today the D-Caf is a feature that facilitates connections to support and strengthen communities, providing opportunities for social connection and respite, as well as opportunities for conversation over a friendly cup of tea or coffee. Volunteers provide morning tea, conversation, do puzzles and activities with members of the community living with Dementia. During the pandemic, the team continued to offer support online via Zoom. While the last few years have had their challenges there have also been moments of great joy due to the amazing efforts of wonderful volunteers and carers, and the continued support of the Neighbourhood Centre.

In 2020, Bev was awarded both Volunteer of the Year and Senior Volunteer of the Year for the Central West by the NSW Centre for Volunteering. In 2021, the whole team was awarded the NSW Volunteer Team of the Year for the Central West by the Centre for Volunteering.

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“I enjoy being here and take great delight in taking the folks with dementia back to stimulate their memories and slowly bring them forward in their lives. It’s amazing what you can get them to remember. I find it interesting listening to their stories from their childhood when they can’t remember yesterday.”

DCaf volunteer – Bev 2021

“Volunteering helps me feel good about helping other people young or old in the community with care and support. Also, I believe it keeps me young in mind and heart.”

DCaf volunteer – Kaye 2020

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Last updated: 22 Jul 2022