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BlowFly Cricket is a warm, inviting, accepting, non-judgmental, caring, all-ability, inclusive cricket club that caters for children, adolescents, and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities of all abilities, ages, genders, races, and cultures.

BlowFly Cricket has one centre that caters for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years and operates three other centres which cater for children and adults with the oldest player in his fifties. These centres host winter with fun filled cricket sessions that are modified so every individual gets a fair go. The centres are completely run by our 150 volunteers and members who fulfil such roles as coaches, mentors, and friends. BlowFly Cricket empowers and encourages individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities into a coaching position themselves.

Our volunteers provide a variety of functions including cooking, transport, coaching and engage with members before, during and after sessions. Outside of our cricket centres, our volunteers run fundraising initiatives with one of our senior volunteers Dougal Graham travelling to several sports clubs each week to collect recyclable cans and bottles to donate to BlowFly Cricket’s Return and Earn campaign, with the earnings being donated back to the club.

BlowFly Cricket

Dougal Graham (87yo volunteer):

I also feel I gain immense satisfaction and a sense of self-fulfilment from making a positive impact in, helping other people. Furthermore, it continues to inspire me to do greater deeds when I witness the BlowFly Cricketers developing their confidence and improving self-esteem by learning new skills and taking on more and more key roles within our club. These new skills and roles are often outside the respective individual’s expectations.

Errol Hyde (77yo volunteer – former Paralympian):

As an Ambassador for BlowFly Cricket I remain actively involved when I can. Attending most weeks at the JPCG (James Park, Hornsby) Centre on Saturday afternoons where I join in the games, mingle with the players, chatting and laughing resulting in an enjoyable afternoon. It gives me great pleasure to see the improvement in all players and the social interactions as they gain their confidence…these are priceless moments.

To find out more about this organisation and how you can be involved visit BlowFly Cricket website.

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Last updated: 22 Jul 2022