Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program

The Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program recognises the contribution volunteers make towards strengthening our communities.

Both adults and students are acknowledged under the program, with each nominee receiving a certificate recognising their individual efforts.

The Premier launched the program in 2015, and since then more than 13,000 volunteers have been recognised across NSW under the program.

Recognition certificates are produced for presentation before the end of the year. In most instances, the local Member of Parliament presents certificates.

Adult categories

1 in 3 people in NSW volunteer, giving their time, skills and energy to help others. They all deserve recognition for their contribution to community life.

Nominations are invited for the following four adult categories under the Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program:

  • people with a lifetime of volunteering experience – over 40 years
  • people with over 25 years of volunteering experience
  • significant volunteering at any age
  • newly retired people who have commenced or continued volunteering.

Please see the full terms and conditions - PDF, 211.75 KB.

Student categories

The Premier’s Volunteer Recognition Program for students is a wonderful opportunity to recognise and celebrate young people who have given their time and energy for the benefit of others.

Nominations are invited for the following three student categories:

  • students up to Year 9 who have completed a minimum of 13 hours of volunteering in 3 months
  • students in Year 10 who have completed a minimum of 26 hours of volunteering in 6 months
  • students in Years 11 and 12 who have completed a minimum of 52 hours volunteering in 12 months.

Students who complete their bronze, silver or gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards before 30 September in any given year are also eligible for recognition under the program.

The NSW Government endeavours to contact every secondary school in NSW calling for nominations, but please contact NSW Volunteering for more information about nominating students at your school.