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NSW Volunteering Strategy

The NSW Volunteering Strategy (PDF, 5119.7 KB) 2016 - 2020 articulates how the NSW Government will build on the outcomes of the first Strategy and works towards making volunteering more accessible to everyone.

The NSW Government is proud of the results of the first NSW Volunteering Strategy. Together with communities across NSW, we have improved dignity and respect for volunteers, improved fairness through better volunteer management, and provided new tools and resources to support the work of volunteers.

The NSW Volunteering Strategy (PDF, 5119.7 KB) 2016-2020, is a four year plan that will build on the accomplishments of the first. The Strategy recognises that everyone who wants to volunteer should be supported to do so.

We know that decisions people make early in life influence their later lives, so there will be a strong focus on attracting young people to volunteering. People who are newly retired, or nearing retirement, will also be supported to explore the range of volunteering opportunities in their local communities

The Volunteering Strategy 2016 - 2020 takes a life course approach to volunteering. This approach recognises age-related transition points in people's lives, and provides a framework to develop volunteering opportunities for people across all life stages.

We consulted with over 2,200 people, including people actively volunteering, people who do not currently volunteer, and community organisations, businesses and government. These extensive community conversations have helped us to better understand people's aspirations and the sorts of changes required to make it easier for everyone to participate.

What you told us:

A brief summary of the engagement findings is here.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019