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NSW Volunteering supports and promotes volunteering across NSW. Volunteering enriches the lives of volunteers, strengthens local communities and benefits all of NSW.

NSW volunteers contribute valuable skills, time and energy to the NSW economy. They help to deliver numerous programs and initiatives that address the government’s priorities.

In addition, people who participate in their communities through volunteering feel happier, healthier and more socially connected.

As such, we aim to support all people in NSW to contribute to their communities through volunteering. This includes people of all ages, people with disability and people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

NSW Volunteering Strategy 2020-2030

We are responsible for implementing the NSW Volunteering Strategy 2020-2030. This strategy sets out a ten-year plan for the NSW volunteering sector. It focuses on growing and valuing volunteering in NSW, while preparing the sector for the future.

  • Growing volunteering - supporting the sector to attract and retain volunteers.
  • Valuing volunteering - recognising the vital contributions of volunteers and the impact of volunteering.
  • Preparing for the future of volunteering - investing in research and technology to build knowledge and support the sector to be resilient, responsive and innovative.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019