Statement of Principles

Volunteer-friendly organisations are invited to sign up to the Statement of Principles for Recognition of Volunteers. 

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In 2013, the NSW Government released the Statement of Principles, following a state-wide consultation that saw more than 3,000 volunteers participate.

Now more than 845,000 volunteers enjoy the improved conditions created through the Principles, which have become framework for best practice volunteer management. The Principles are:

  • This organisation demonstrates a commitment to best practice in volunteer management and all our people respect and support this commitment.
  • Our volunteers are involved in the life of the organisation and are included in decisions that affect them.
  • This organisation provides volunteers with clarity about their roles and is clear about expectations and policies that impact on their roles.
  • Our volunteers respect the roles of everyone in the organisation.
  • This organisation recognises and celebrates the contribution of volunteers.
  • Our volunteers are provided with training and professional development for their roles.
  • This organisation provides all our people with the opportunity to resolve disputes with respect and dignity.

Organisations that endorse the Principles send a clear signal to current and potential volunteers that their contributions are valued and that they will be respected. Volunteer-friendly organisations are invited to click here to sign up today.


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