Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program

Greater recognition for volunteers.

Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program

The Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program celebrates volunteering and acknowledges the desire to take part in community life across all ages.

Nominations in the 2017 Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program adult categories are invited in the following categories.  

  • Volunteering effort by those of any age. Ordinarily, eligibility will require an individual volunteering commitment to a project, cause, or for a significant period of time for one or more causes.
  • People who have recently retired and have commenced or continued volunteering.
  • People with more than 25 years of volunteering experience.
  • People with more than 40 years of volunteering experience.

Local Members of Parliament will present recognition certificates to volunteers of all ages in 2017.

The Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program for students recognition certificates will be produced for presentation at the end of the school year.

CBH Students with certificates

Student volunteering minimum requirements:

level duration of commitment minimum hours minimum age
1 3 months volunteering 13 14 years
2 6 months volunteering 26 15 years
3 12 months volunteering 52 16 years