ING DIRECT is an active participant in making a positive and meaningful impact in the community. We believe in supporting innovative projects that address real community needs and using our skills and expertise to benefit our community partners.

Participants in ING DIRECT's STEP program

With a history of high participation in team volunteering, ING DIRECT is building on this success with the introduction of STEP Volunteering, where employees are encouraged and supported to use their Skills, Talent, Experience and Passion to help make a positive and meaningful difference in the community.

STEP Volunteering encapsulates a number of skilled volunteering opportunities with ING DIRECT Australia community partners: Cerebral Palsy Alliance, National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, School for Social Entrepreneurs and United Way; as well as global partner, BiD Network. It provides an opportunity for staff to not only ‘give back' and make a positive contribution to the community, but to also develop their professional skills.

"(STEP Volunteering has) given me a new dimension to work-life balance. I feel proud of my involvement in this program and how I have developed as a person." ING DIRECT STEP volunteer.

Examples of STEP opportunities include:

Partners for Impact (United Way):Corporate and community leaders are paired up to work on initiatives to develop the capacity of the community organisations so that they can better achieve their missions.

Women in Business Challenge (BiD Network): Volunteer coaches are matched with aspiring female entrepreneurs from developing countries to support them to write and further develop their business plans.

Ignition Mentoring Program (CP Alliance):Volunteer mentors are matched with teenagers with cerebral palsy in a year-long structured program designed to build confidence, self-esteem and independence.

Income Coalition (United Way):ING DIRECT leads a cross-sector collaboration aimed at providing leadership, advice and mobilising resources to see a greater number of young adults to make a successful transition from high school to work life within disadvantaged areas of Sydney

Accelerator Masterclass (School for Social Entrepreneurs):ING DIRECT management co-create and deliver a Masterclass direct to SSE students on a relevant topic.

For more information, contact Shannon Carruth, Manager Community Impact ING DIRECT on 02 9028 4099 or

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