First Volunteering Strategy

The first NSW Volunteering Strategy was released in May 2012 and has provided widespread support for volunteers and volunteer organisations.

The Strategy was drawn from what people said was needed to support volunteering in the community.

Volunteers and volunteering organisations identified what the priorities for government support should be.

Key achievements of the first Volunteering Strategy  include: .

  • Timebanking set up in 70 communities across the state, with 5,610 members exchanging 20,200 hours of support
  • over 750,000 volunteers covered under the Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteers, a voluntary code that emphasises dignity, respect and fairness
  • subsidised training delivered to over 300 volunteer managers and coordinators
  • reduced cost of Police Checks for 4,000 volunteers in aged care
  • the establishment of the Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program 
  • student volunteers mobilised in an unprecedented state-wide campaign: Shape Your Future NSW
  • an easily accessible dispute resolution tool kit for volunteer organisations to mediate issues themselves
  • risk management resources to assist organisations in addressing their workplace responsibilities
  • a social media guide to help volunteer organisations engage with online communities 
  • the NSW Volunteering website with 5,000 people per month accessing essential volunteering resources 
  • new ways for business and volunteer organisations to work together to grow corporate volunteering for smaller organisations.

Read the NSW Volunteering Strategy (pdf, 757 KB)

Read the NSW Volunteering Strategy Summary (pdf, 2339 KB)

To learn more about Timebanking as detailed in the Strategy see our Timebanking Page.


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